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Custom Alexander

Oh the wedding gift…or any gift for that matter. It’s always so hard to be creative and respect the couples’ registry at the same time. I guess that’s the only way the bride and groom can protect themselves against getting a bunch of “homemade” Kleenex box covers.


One of my favorite gifts I love giving to couples is from Custom Alexander. I love giving an art piece to my closest friends. This also makes a great anniversary gift for yourself just in case no one was brave enough to venture away from the registry.


I love how at first glance it looks like a fabulous poster but then you realize it’s a custom piece of such a special moment. Aaron (my husband) and I purchased one for our five-year anniversary and I just love it! In fact I put great thought into where it would hang in the new house! They also have a junior line to celebrate the arrival of a little one or just a child’s creative interests. I think I know a lil guy that might be getting one of these in his room in the very near future.

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