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Cha cha changes…

So I have been pretty hush hush about all of this excitement, not because I wanted a big unveiling but because my life has been in full on transformation. Some of you may know my husband and I bought a house in early 2012 and began the process of building Barbie’s dream home. I also began the transition process of working for Kelly Hornberger and Tangerine and Mint to going solo under Claire Miranda and last but definitely not least Aaron and I are expecting a Royal Baby of our very own.

Needless to say life has been one wild ride. All of the changes got me thinking…was photography my true blue life long calling and did it play to all of my strengths? I was fortunate enough to work with Krysta and the team at Big Deal Branding to really analyze my brands place in the industry and what I truly loved about what it was I was doing. The theme that played out time and time again was I loved keeping the bride and groom organized. I loved being the one to save the day with a band aide or safety pin. I loved helping the bride bustle her dress and being a shoulder to cry on when she needed it. I loved thinking of new and innovative things we could do to make her wedding and wedding photos stand out. Don’t get me wrong I loved capturing those moments and everything in between and I will always love documenting those precious moments of someone’s special day but I think I am best at what fuels my fire and that is the planning of it all.

As I was toying around with the idea or transition into planning I of course talked to my husband about it and he was discouraged with my decision and said, “but you’re so good at photography,” and I said “I think I could be THAT MUCH better at wedding planning.” Which kind of sums it up in a way. I love wedding photography and I will always love it. I just love event planning that much more.

I will finish out 2013 and do an amazing job for my current wedding clients and will be taking some time off to spend time with my family after the little one arrives and to transition the business and will officially launch Claire Miranda as a full service events company in 2014.

Will I never be seen with a camera in my hand again…no way Jose! In fact I am incorporating photography into some of the planning packages so stay tuned for some exciting news and “real” weddings that I will be documenting along the way.

Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” With that said, cheers to the path of perfection!!!


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