Cha cha changes…

So I have been pretty hush hush about all of this excitement, not because I wanted a big unveiling but because my life has been in full on transformation. Some of you may know my husband and I bought a house in early 2012 and began the process of building Barbie’s dream home. I also began the transition process of working for Kelly Hornberger and Tangerine and Mint to going solo under Claire Miranda and last but definitely not least Aaron and I are expecting a Royal Baby of our very own.

Needless to say life has been one wild ride. All of the changes got me thinking…was photography my true blue life long calling and did it play to all of my strengths? I was fortunate enough to work with Krysta and the team at Big Deal Branding to really analyze my brands place in the industry and what I truly loved about what it was I was doing. The theme that played out time and time again was I loved keeping the bride and groom organized. I loved being the one to save the day with a band aide or safety pin. I loved helping the bride bustle her dress and being a shoulder to cry on when she needed it. I loved thinking of new and innovative things we could do to make her wedding and wedding photos stand out. Don’t get me wrong I loved capturing those moments and everything in between and I will always love documenting those precious moments of someone’s special day but I think I am best at what fuels my fire and that is the planning of it all.

As I was toying around with the idea or transition into planning I of course talked to my husband about it and he was discouraged with my decision and said, “but you’re so good at photography,” and I said “I think I could be THAT MUCH better at wedding planning.” Which kind of sums it up in a way. I love wedding photography and I will always love it. I just love event planning that much more.

I will finish out 2013 and do an amazing job for my current wedding clients and will be taking some time off to spend time with my family after the little one arrives and to transition the business and will officially launch Claire Miranda as a full service events company in 2014.

Will I never be seen with a camera in my hand again…no way Jose! In fact I am incorporating photography into some of the planning packages so stay tuned for some exciting news and “real” weddings that I will be documenting along the way.

Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” With that said, cheers to the path of perfection!!!



Lauren & Matt Engaged

Meet Matt and Lauren. They are a super cute couple and they just got engaged. Part of the Claire Miranda experience is having your day documented from the moment we begin. It’s kind of that planning and photography hybrid I was talking about and everyone deserves to savor every bit of their big day and everything leading up to it. We will be seeing more of Matt and Lauren as we venture through the process of planning their March 2014 wedding.

Matt and Lauren met through a bunch of mutual connections. They started hanging out in the big group and eventually if became just the two of them. I think Lauren knew Matt was “the one” after dating him for just a couple of weeks. Since then I think she has been dreaming of her big day.

Lauren loves the Houston, Texans like it’s her job! So when Matt knew he was going to pop the question he invited her closest friends and family to celebrate with them post engagement at the Texans Grill. He picked her up in a limo and asked her to marry him on the way there. She had no idea we’d all be waiting to see the bling and toast the happy couple.

I am so excited to document their journey of happily ever after!

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custom alexander 1

Custom Alexander

Oh the wedding gift…or any gift for that matter. It’s always so hard to be creative and respect the couples’ registry at the same time. I guess that’s the only way the bride and groom can protect themselves against getting a bunch of “homemade” Kleenex box covers.


One of my favorite gifts I love giving to couples is from Custom Alexander. I love giving an art piece to my closest friends. This also makes a great anniversary gift for yourself just in case no one was brave enough to venture away from the registry.


I love how at first glance it looks like a fabulous poster but then you realize it’s a custom piece of such a special moment. Aaron (my husband) and I purchased one for our five-year anniversary and I just love it! In fact I put great thought into where it would hang in the new house! They also have a junior line to celebrate the arrival of a little one or just a child’s creative interests. I think I know a lil guy that might be getting one of these in his room in the very near future.

custom alexander 1

Date with a Dress

So you said yes now onto the dress! The dress is forever iconic at every wedding. I mean I can still see Princess Kate walking down the isle and I remember wanting an ombre dress like Gwen Stefani. I know every wedding I go to I just want to see what the bride looks like in her dress and as she walks down that isle I think about how she carefully selected that very one. I am thinking about love and happiness and all that but c’mon let’s be honest a lot of us can’t wait to see what her dress looks like!
Now that the pressure is on to find the picture perfect gown I wanted to leave you with some tips for your search.


Step 1 Decide Who You Want There
You know your mom is going to cry and say you look good in everything. Of course you have that one friend that will talk about her wedding and when she got married and you probably have that brutally honest friend that told you your hair looked nothing like the pinterest picture the last time you got it done. The truth is each one of these personalities will bring something to the table you just want to decide if you want them there or not. If they make you uncomfortable you don’t have to invite them. They might be your best friend in the whole wide world but maybe they just aren’t the best dress selector and that is a.o.k. Best friends are perfect but they can’t be perfect at everything. Once you think you have it narrowed down to a couple finalists you can always invite everyone to see the top three.

Step 2 Set a Budget
So this is the tricky part. The dress is usually high on the priority list and the one thing you’ve been dying to do since he put a ring on it. The last thing you want to do is “work” the numbers, but you also don’t want to fall in love with the most expensive dress at the store and have no money left over for things like a venue and food and flowers.

Step 3 Make Appointments
Most bridal salons require appointments. I have had a couple of friends stop into bridal salons only to be politely ignored because the stylists were so busy. Plus you deserve the TLC so make an appointment and some of the stores will even have the champagne waiting!

Step 4 Come Ready
So when I got married I think I tried on dresses after getting a spray tan and I had no makeup on. Let’s just say that made for a really awkward experience and I didn’t have the best time finding the dress that way. I always recommend brides get their hair and makeup done or put a little extra time into getting ready that day. You’ll also want to bring a fabulous strapless bra and a cute pair of undies. The bridal stylists will help you in and out of the dresses so you want to look cute even without the dress on. It would also help to bring some fabulous shoes to try the dress on with, they will have some there but you deserve a new pair of fabulous blingy shoes anyways!


Happy dress searching!!!